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    I really can't believe that Roku doesn't have YouTube on it when you buy it. I heard you could add a channel that would allow you to get YouTube but I haven't found out how to do it exactly. Anyone here know how to get it? Why does every other phone get YouTube and not Roku?
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    It's a dispute between google (YouTube) and Roku that caused Roku to remove the YouTube channel. Roku claims to be working on a resolution.

    Workarounds are to use the Facebook channel to post videos to your wall (using a computer) and then watch them on Roku. You can use PlayOn to get YouTube, also. You will need to have a computer running on the same network as your Roku for it to work. You can download the 2-week trial (fully functional) here: PlayOn lets you watch movies, shows, live sports and more from over 35 channels like Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, PBS on your TV with your Wii, PS3, Roku, Xbox, and more. | PlayOn After two weeks it reverts to the free version. The free version of PlayOn allows you to stream from your computer as well as watch YouTube and listen to Pandora Radio,
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    youtube on roku

    You can use plex media server for pc install youtube plugin and then load plex for roku.
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    No plugin needed. Just open the Plex Roku app (Plex Media Server must be running on your internet-connected PC), go to "search" and enter your search term. Results will automatically include YouTube videos. You can download the free media player at Plex - A Complete Media Solution. Getting it up and running can take some time, but it's well worth the time investment.
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    The free version of PlayOn also has YouTube.
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    i prefer the playon version of youtube to the plex version. i haven't yet figured out how to convince plex to recognize my youtube account. with playon, it stays logged in to my youtube account and anything i've saved to my playlist or favorites is there waiting for me
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    I don't have a problem using either one, and I can use the free version of PlayOn for it. Plex is more processor intensive than PlayOn, and I have both installed on an underpowered laptop, so I don't use Plex much yet until the new server is installed. I like Plex's interface, the fact that it finds and puts covers with my local audio and video content (even if it's wrong sometimes) and it may someday become my main transcoder program. Oh, and it's FREE.

    (The PlexIt button is pretty handy, too!!)
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    Yes, I hadn't thought to mention the processor need for Plex. I have a media server with a quad-core so it's not something that occurs much to me.
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    Not anymore. YouTube altered its file opening protocols - most likely to deliberately prevent ad bypassing, of which, RateRix was a champion. I will keep it loaded on my Roku just in case someone decides to resuscitate it (it is unsupported and has been pulled from the channel store), but for now it is DOA. It was too good to last.
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    I've been wondering what's been going on the last several days. I guess that explains it. I haven't been able to open YouTube video on SageTV and I saw that any attempt to open YouTube on my iPad was met that Flash was required. (That's new... or should I say old?) I've been having to stream YouTube from my iPhone app to the AppleTV but the 'new' YouTube app really sucks. It requires that you mirror for AirPlay.
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    the thing with all these.. is you have to have a computer that is running all the time, to watch stuff. I don't keep any computers going. My laptop is never OFF, but it goes to sleep. I'd love to watch YOUTUBE and others without going to PlayOn etc.
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    You must accept these "work arounds".

    An alternative of course, is to get a second box, for instance an Apple TV 3.

    What doesnt work, in a certain period of time directly on the Roku, most certainly works on the Apple TV. :)
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    Nothing is going to happen until Google allows it. I don't understand why Google still hasn't allowed Roku access for YouTube, considering how many other streaming devices are allowed.

    You have a few choices:
    1. Wait for Google.
    2. Live without YouTube on your TV. (My choice.)
    3. Accept the workarounds that are available, as-is.
    4. Buy another streaming box that supports YouTube (AppleTV or and Western Digital WD TV Live are both under $100), and either sell the Roku or use both boxes.
    5. Connect your PC/laptop/tablet to your TV (I am streaming video from YouTube on my cheapo Android tablet as I write this)
    6. Buy or build a HTPC (Home Theater PC)
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    The problem with all these solutions that require you to run a computer in order to stream YouTube is that they need a computer! That's why I bought Roku in the first place so I wouldn't have to run the computer. There is one more way to watch YouTube on Roku I came across here: Watch YouTube on Roku.

    It uses the Facebook app to link to YouTube videos. You can't search videos with this method.
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    As previously mentioned, as with most anything, if something isn't directly supported you must go through the pain of alternative methods. Plex and Play-on are the method of getting something on a box that isn't officially supported for many people. For example, certain programming on Hulu isn't allowed to be sent to boxes and devices. It can only be sent through a web browser. "Ark" is one of those shows there. You must either watch it on a computer or use an alternative method of getting it into the box. That is just the reality of the transitional point we're at in IP television. There are too many factions arguing over the minutiae of the rules and methods of delivery.

    Using a link posted to a Facebook account to be able to view a video on Roku would become very tedious extremely quickly. After all, you'd need to look up the video on a computer to post the link to use the Roku. Why not just stream it to the Roku in the first place? You're already using a computer to jump through all those hoops. It doesn't appear that you're gaining any advantage with that method to avoid using a computer.
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    I've been giving VideoBuzz a test run here for a week or so, and it does work fairly well.

    Lets see how long it continues to function.
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    Does the roku just have an app you can get so you don't have to have something on a computer running and can you get it on the roku hd
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