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Discussion in 'Roku' started by Unregistered, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I want to know if the Roku box has any live channels or if they're going to be updating the box soon to offer live programming? I'm really considering getting rid of Comcast cable and would like if I could watch some live baseball and live news coverage.
  2. catastrophegirl

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    there are some livestreaming channels on roku, mostly international news. if you are looking for your local live broadcast stations, there are a couple of companies out there experimenting with fee based membership services to digitally deliver local channels in limited areas, like skitter tv and aero. roku itself is not capable of picking up live local broadcast programming and isn't going to be capable of that.
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    there is also a channel on roku that's live broadcast channels that are from pennsylvania: USTVNOW. i use it sometimes. the quality isn't great and it has to be set up with a proxy server to make it think you are outside the US. so it's a little sketchy. but i haven't had any problems with it. not everyone is comfortable using it though
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    Wonder what the resolution is on some of these live streaming channels.
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    Copied from a post over at DTV USA Forum - DTV News -

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    honestly? not good. heck, some of the livestreaming channels on justinTV are people pointing a webcam at their TV screen.
    the livestreaming news channels that are streaming their primary content from their official website, like CNN International or BBC news are definitely better quality than channels like mummybox. but i haven't seen any livestreaming channels on roku that match digital OTA quality
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    Its called stealing! I bet you would climb the pole if you could to get that free cable as well. I wonder what people really would think if you told them "Yeah I am a thief!"
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    To what, exactly, are you referring? I would not steal cable, I do not even want cable!

    Some things are perfectly legal. Others are not. In between, there are varying shades of grey.
    Sony and others once considered recording on videotape to be illegal, until the courts smacked them down.
    Pick your own shade of grey.
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    Error when trying to add ustvnow to

    No matter what I did it will NOT allow me to add the site to miniprox,The requested URL was not recognised as a valid URL. Attempted to load: and I typed in as directed above)?

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