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    Recent updates to the Netflix free trial program for 2012 now mean that anyone who signs up for the trial gets one whole month of Netflix service for free. At this time, the free trial offer only includes use of Netflix's streaming TV services, not their DVD-by-mail service.


    How the Free Trial Offer Works
    The one month of free streaming TV service by Netflix means that you will be able to use Netflix on up to 6 devices per household. Once you have activated your membership, the trial will continue for one month from the date of your account activation.

    You will be charged for your next month of service approximately 30 days after your one month trial offer has ended unless you cancel your account anytime before the trial period has ended. To view when your Netflix free trial offer ends, login to Netflix, click on the "Your Account and Help" link and then click on "See membership terms & details" link.

    How to sign up for the Free Trial Offer

    You can signup for Netflix's free trial offer here. You will need the following:
    • Credit or Debit Card
    • Billing Address for Credit Card
    • Email Address

    Is there a Coupon or Coupon Code for Netflix?

    Many websites claim to offer coupon codes or ways to get a deal on Netflix, but the simple truth of the matter is; there are no coupon codes for Netflix. Period. The free trial offer is all that Netflix has ever offered, and they have never offered coupons, coupon codes, and probably never will.

    How do I Cancel my Free Trial?

    To cancel your account, login to Netflix and click on "Your Account and Help" and then click on "Cancel membership" and follow the instructions.

    How much is Netflix if I want to continue my membership after the trial?

    Currently, the streaming TV service offered by Netflix at $7.99 / month.

    Who is the Free Trial Offer Available to?

    Netflix only offers the free trial offer to first time customers. If you've already signed up for their services and used their free trial, chances are you will not be able to get a free trial again. Some people have reported that once they canceled their Netflix account, they received an email with details on an additional 30 day free trial.
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